Chapter 5: I’m a Child of God

This Chapter goes over parts of her past and how she has acted in the past and how it has affected her both negatively and positively.

In this chapter we learn more and more about whom M.E. Thomas really is. She grew up a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, therefore she classifies herself as a Mormon.

            She states that even as a sociopath she is a practicing Mormon and follows the rules of the Mormon Religion but bends some here and there. She drinks diet coke and green tea to circumvent the rule of not having coffee due to the caffeine.

                        Her bending of the central tenants of Mormonism could be linked to her sociopathic tendencies. Her feeling of cheating the system and the rules to get what she wants without consequences. She continues this practice throughout her life, but she always does it like a businessperson, using a cost benefit analysis.

M.E. Thomas also goes into detail about how her lack of social behaviors has cost her and her peers in emotional strain. In one of the lines she talks about how having a strict set of guidelines such as Laws and religious tenants has helped her stay within society, she know what she is supposed to do not due to a personal moral compass but a prosthetic compass.

            During her life when she was first trying to understand why her relationships and jobs always seemed to fail she did a 9 month self analysis where she stop herself from trying manipulate herself, at the end of the 9 months she realized that she was an etch a sketch, a person who could change easily with a shake.