Chapter 6: Saints Spies and Serial Killers

This Chapter was a continuation from the previous chapter, while Chapter 5 was about how she did not fully grasp human interaction and how she has gotten herself into many problems by respectigg the boundriess, this chapter deatils how she has used her socipathicc tendencies and her ability to read and destroy people to win.

Her Law school career is 'better on paper', what she means by this is that she worked just enough to be in the top 10 percent of her class. She begged for her first internship and she even used back door ways to get onto her law review board. She said her professors were being sexist so she could get what she wanted. The best thing about her whole story was that everything she did might not have been fair, but within her rights and not unethical. She used all they tools available to her to get ahead, tools that were not used by her fellow students.

She was very unabashed about how she got to the position she is in, she didntt mind looking bad infront of a few poeple if they could help her futherr herself. To her "Those few letters in front of my name means more to me than looking bad infant of a few people."

One of her skills that she described in this chapter was her Attention Deconcentation also known as Flow