This Page is for the professor, and explains wy i chose to put section of the book in a wiki format.

In the book, and especially the two chapters that I was responsible for, chapters 5, and 6. M.E. Thomas kept illustrating and explain why she does what she does, and how her method of cold calculation has gotten her to where she is. She has gone thorugh some hard time with lack of empathy, such as: when she was yelled at by her neigbourr for stealing her bike, or when she would get extra beatings from her fatehr because he wanted to see her break a little, to show little emotion. She also lost friends in her music program after she read the mail fo a fellow student. She keeps telling the reader that her choices are based off of a cost benefit analysis, this is what she uses in everyday life, this causes the boundryy lines that has costed her.

As a business student using cost ebenfit analysis are used in everything, from Accounting, to Finance and in Economics. They are all called something slightly different but they go along the same lines. If I do Action A what are my outcomes, how mcuh utility would I gain or lose comapred to doing Action B.

With the information that she has proviedd and how closley we think alike, her due to her sociopathy, and mine in a business sence, I felt like a structured Wiki, wthh information for the reader was a good option, an option that M.E. Thomas would have chosen using her cost benefit analysis.

Cost of doing the wiki: more writing compared to other forms.

Benefit: Learn how to use a wki, easy to navigate, and doesntt include drawing. Still able to add art work to the page and find creative ways to upload my segments.

This hsows that the Wiki, a logical step by step viewing of the information is a good way to explore her mind and a good way to share it

Thank You